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CLEP Human Growth & Development w/ CD (REA) - The Best Test Prep for the CLEP (Test Preps) by The Staff of Research & Education Association

  • Author: The Staff of Research & Education Association
  • Book title: CLEP Human Growth & Development w/ CD (REA) - The Best Test Prep for the CLEP (Test Preps)
  • Category: Test Preparation
  • Subcategory: College & High School
  • Publisher: Research & Education Association; Pap/Cdr edition (September 10, 2003)
  • Pages: 258
  • ISBN: 0878913424
  • ISBN13: 978-0878913428
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 912
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Get those CLEP college credits you deserve.. our savvy test experts show you the way to master the test and get the score that gets you college credit. This revised edition includes a comprehensive review of the concepts, principles, and research methods of human growth and development, 3 full-length practice exams, and all the techniques needed to score high on the CLEP. Practice exams questions are like the questions appearing on the actual exam, and every answer is fully explained. Follow up your study with REA's test-taking strategies, powerhouse drills and study schedule that get you ready for test day.REA's CD-ROM software offers three full-length, timed, computerized exams that give you the closest thing to experiencing a live exam at a testing center.System Requirements:CPU: 75 MHz Pentium or compatible. 300MHz or higher recommended.Operating System: Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP.RAM: 64MB available minimum60 MB Hard Disk space available. Additional Software: Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

7 Reviews
I have used the REA study guides for 4 of the 5 CLEP tests I have taken. This is the first guide that I am unsatisfied with.

About 60 of the 90 questions that appeared on the CLEP test I took today were regarding child development. This REA study guide barely touches upon the theories that appeared on the actual CLEP regarding child development (especially Paiget). I would say this study guide covers about 1/3 of the actual material that appeared on the CLEP.

The practice questions from the Official CLEP study guide by the College Board represent the material I saw on the Human Growth and Development test today much more than this study guide.

I got a 70/80 on the test today, however, I know this is because I recently took a child development course and not because of this study guide.
This is the only book I read to helping me prepare for the 90 question test. I read the book once, tested once (with a 44% on average) and studied my wrong answers. I retested once with the CD with a 75% average score. My CLEP today was heavily based on child development and theories of development. There are also a few questions on who wrote what so you do need to put names to theories. Some questions are based on theory discussion and not just fact. Dates are not important. There are definitely facts on the test not covered in the book.
REA did not do their homework! This REA book only covered a third of the information that was on the test I took. I was able to guess my way to a 50 ACE (College "C" equivalency) score, but that is not good enough for my college which requires a 63. This book was a waste of time. Do not buy this book until they turn out a newer version or make it the last after studying Sociology and Psychology and you will do better. If your college accepts a lower ACE score than mine, you should be okay especially after preparing for the Sociology and Psychology CLEPs. I wish I had read the reviews before taking the exam. That will not happen again.
Definitely read the book if you are taking this CLEP test. I reviewed the book and did two of the three study exams, as well as a $10 prep kit from CollegeBoard.com (the test makers). As with some other people, I questioned whether I was passing the test while taking it, but I did pass with plenty of room to spare (67/80). The materials give you enough information to be able to narrow down the answers substantially. Make sure to study the explanations for ALL of the answers (even the ones you got correct) to the sample tests, as these help you solidify multiple concepts per question (and often provides small keys to differentiating the terms).
i didn't recevie the book at all, this the second time i order a book from amazon and i didnt get it
the first book was english compostion and the second one human growth and development
im really upset about that and im asking for refund my money for both books
Excellent for preparing for CLEP exam
There's lots of information in here, and it probably does give you a good idea of what to expect, but there's enough misinformation to be worrisome. The answers to the sample test say, for example, that word length has no important influence on learning (as in remembering a list of words), but a quick search on Google will reveal that psychologists recognize a "word length effect" (which agrees with common sense). This book says that IQ tests are "NOT considered reliable" before age 7; by whom? A standard college textbook says that "starting at about age 4 there is a fairly strong relationship between early and later IQ." The book misstates what Chomsky means by a "kernel [sentence]" and says that "a" is a phoneme, not a morpheme, when it is both, because the sound "a" is a phoneme but the indefinite article "a," as in "a dog," is a morpheme.

I know I've learned from reading through this and taking one of the sample tests, but I wouldn't rely on its being correct. The sample questions and answers are obviously not written to the same standards, or apparently with the same expertise, as CLEP's own tests. It's useful because it gives you lots of buzzwords that will probably appear on the test, but look to other sources as well, if you want to be prepared for questions that test whether you actually understand the material.
Just as a starting point, I would recommend taking the Intro to Pyschology first before doing this test. You will see a lot of review of material, however this test expands into more detail. I would also recommend knowing your material, I gave it 4 hours of study time with the material in the book and the practice tests in the back and passed with a 61, but was able to draw on the Intro material from memory and that helped. The test I had really drills you with knowing which theory would say what about a certain situation and who the important people involved were. This test is harder than the Intro test, but still well within the realm of being passable. Be sure to know your own testing abilities when you go to study for this test. I also recommend the CLEP Offical Study Guide 17th Edition, which I reviewed for the sample questions. Good luck.
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