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Brain Games for Kids #1 (Brain Games Kids) by Editors of Publications International

  • Author: Editors of Publications International
  • Book title: Brain Games for Kids #1 (Brain Games Kids)
  • Category: Teen & Young Adult
  • Subcategory: Hobbies & Games
  • Publisher: Apandisis Publishing; Csm Spi edition (December 7, 2009)
  • ISBN: 1605531278
  • ISBN13: 978-1605531274
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 179
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Many educators agree that puzzles and games are among the best ways to engage children in the thinking process. Now the popular Brain Games series is available in a children s edition. Brain Games for Kids #1 is packed with crossword puzzles, word searches, math puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, and more. Each fun game and puzzle will give your child s brain a boost, improving language skills, logical thinking, and analytical reasoning.Puzzles are arranged by level of difficulty from 1 to 5, and answers to every puzzle are included at the back of the book. The fun-filled exercises in this book promote these different areas of learning for children: Analysis Attention Computation Creative thinking General knowledge Language Logic Planning Problem solving Spatial planning Spatial reasoning Spatial visualization Visual searchBrain Games for Kids #1 includes the following types of puzzles for children that can enhance cognitive functions: Anagrams Crossword puzzles Cryptograms Language puzzles Logic puzzles Math puzzles Memory puzzles Mazes Observation and perspective puzzles Sequencing games Visual logic puzzles Word searchesBrain Games for Kids #1 is spiral-bound and portable, with a sturdy cover that resists rips and tears, making it perfect for home or on the road. Brain Games for Kids #1 will entertain children while stimulating the learning process.

7 Reviews
I'm a Sudoku fanatic! This is a great spiral bound book of puzzles. I like the layout of the puzzles on the pages which allows you to easily focus on each puzzle individually as you work on them and the size of the printed puzzles is perfect, not too big or small. The heavyweight paper pages are very nice. This book offers 5 levels of difficulty which makes this a versatile book for beginners and seasoned Sudokuees like me. Sometimes you only have time for a quickie and the lower level puzzles fit that bill. My husband is a beginner so he sometimes picks up my puzzle books and completes the easier ones.
This book has only two puzzles per page when it could easily fit four. It is my first experience with Sudoku puzzles that seem carelessly laid out. Easy ones are ridiculous. Medium ones seem almost impossible and I've yet to do a puzzle where discoveries seem to build on themselves where one success leads to another. In this book each success (beyond level one) seems to be met with a dead end. My suspicion, since this is my first experience of this kind after thousands of puzzles is that designing a good Sudoku puzzle may require a great deal of expertise. This book so far has yielded none of the rewards and beauty of logical discoveries that is at the core of Sudoku.
I bought this book for my 6 year-old niece and my 11 year-old niece. Turns out that the book is perfect for both. The easier puzzles are perfect for my younger left brained niece and the more difficult ones are great for my 11 year-old. I highly recommend it as a traveling companion - I got it for my nieces for just that reason - my sister-in-law said it kept them busy for literally hours on their trans-continental flights!
It's a wonderful feeling to have my five year old ask if we can do his math book/questions. Some questions I found silly, like the one asking which month presidents day is in or something like that. But it really helped him to get what a rhyme is and to get him started on learning about money/coins.

We didn't write the answers as he went through the Kindergarten book. This allowed us to go through the book again, as well as hand it down to my younger nephew.
blac wolf
Love love love!! The puzzles are all challenging they go start off easy but as you gradually continue solving the puzzles they get harder and there's PLENTY of puzzles to do you'll never worry about getting bored....perfect size book to carry around with you in the go! Smooth pages for easy erasing as well (#2 pencils of course) without smudging or tearing the page and the spiral makes it easy to turn the pages
.. answer key included (not for cheating LOL) so you can see if you solved it correctly
A little basic and repetitive but it's a good introduction to concepts or can be used as a review. If your child recognizes the letters and knows how to count up to 10 , this will not be challenging. I think this is best for 2- early 3 year olds. Obviously each child is at a different place developmentally, so I would reiterate this is pretty basic. Good refresher. Won't challenge some.
My mother got several of these Brain Game books for my father when his cognitive faculties were beginning to diminish, but he had no interest in using any of them. So I wound up with them and found, to my surprise, that I really enjoyed working with the varied mental challenges. In particular, they eased me into solving logical quandaries that I'd carefully set up my everyday life to avoid.

This particular edition was the next in the series, so I ordered it, and now that I've worked my way through it, all I can say is Yikes. Either this series is still being cranked out as a loss-leader and afforded no editorial care, or the publisher is on an austerity kick and fired all his proofreaders and fact checkers. I've never seen a puzzle book with so many glaring errors -- both in the games themselves and the answers provided at the end of the book.

Some of these errors, admittedly, provide an extra, unintended, mental challenge -- as in trying to work out a quotation when the letter boxes don't match up with the words, or realizing that a solution to a problem is simply wrong or presented as unique when it's one of several possible answers. But feeling momentarily superior to a poorly edited puzzle book doesn't entirely mitigate a sense of irritation.

Don't misunderstand me. I still like the general format to which this book is faithful, and I've enjoyed many of the puzzles and games therein, so I'd say it's worth buying if you like this series as a whole. But, really, the project editor on this edition may need to rethink his or her career path.
Awesome awesome book. Its exactly what I was expecting and more. It also showed me different things that I never would have thought of to work with my son on, and what maybe preschools are expecting as far as abilities go. This was so nice to have as it was a beautiful tool to help you out with finding out where your child is at academically, and where you can help them out as a parent so that they flourish.
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