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Handbooks: Horses: The Clearest Recognition Guide Available (Smithsonian Handbooks) by Elwyn Hartley Edwards

  • Author: Elwyn Hartley Edwards
  • Book title: Handbooks: Horses: The Clearest Recognition Guide Available (Smithsonian Handbooks)
  • Category: Science & Math
  • Subcategory: Biological Sciences
  • Publisher: DK; 2 edition (May 15, 2002)
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN: 0789489821
  • ISBN13: 978-0789489821
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 819
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This book is designed for all those who love horses. Tracing the evolution of equines, this guide also explains the difference between horses and ponies, looks at how different breeds evolved or were selectively developed, and examines equine anatomy and behavior. Packed with 250 vivid full-color photographs of more than 100 horse-breeds, it uses a systematic approach from Dorling Kindersley and the Smithsonian Institution to train readers of all experience levels to identify and appreciate the wide variety of horses in the world. A visual identity key helps you recognize different horse breeds, and guides you to the correct entry based on what you see and observe. Each entry combines a concise description with annotated photographs to highlight the main characteristics and distinguishing features of the breed, with details on coloring, country or region of origin, breed history, and how the breed has been used in the human world. A concise glossary provides instant interpretation of equine terms. The clear visuals and distinctive facts are accompanied by expert prose from author Elwyn Hartley Edwards, former editor of Riding magazine and former consulting editor to Horse and Hound. The book is a clear, concise, comprehensive, and indispensable identification guide for beginners and established equine enthusiasts alike.

7 Reviews
This is an awesome book for any young book lover. I almost did not get it because my daughter has so many other books with similar information. I have to say that we are learning so much about horses and the different breeds and types from this book.
I purchase this book to give to my grnaddaughter that has a passion for horses. The book became HER BOOK and she carries it all over. She loves to read and learn about the horses. It is like a horse catalog. It also has nice pictures and describes well details of the horses.
It serves its purpose.
I really like this little book. It doesn't have as many breeds featured as I thought it would, but it does have some fantastic pictures of the horses it does feature. I have no purpose for this book other than to read it for what knowledge it does impart and to enjoy the pictures, and to share it with some young friends who also love horses.
it is very informational and it tell you how to understand the book. this is a must buy for horse lovers! it tells you about all the different kind of breeds and how horses came to be! were nice book.
While the descriptions can be too difficult for children, my two kids still love the pictures and everything they do understand (and can read). I read to them the more complex information and help them understand and they are very confident when they start talking about horses now. How to care for them, what to feed them and the many breeds. It's a wonderful book that any horse lover will enjoy.
This is a great quick reference book to the breeds of horses. I wouldn't suggest it if you're planning on doing a lot of background history or movement of horses. This just gives you a nice clear photograph of the horse, origin of the breed, and what it might be used for. Or a good small coffee table book for the horse enthusiast.
Arrived in good condition - was a replacement for a school book that the dog ate... seriously... the dog ate the horse book.
I did not carefully read the description so I was surprised how small the book is. Regardless, it is a complete compendium of horse information and was a complete hit with my horse riding granddaughter. She picked out the horse she wants to own. Someone else will have to get that. :-D
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