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Search by Grace Livingston Hill

  • Author: Grace Livingston Hill
  • Book title: Search
  • Category: Romance
  • Subcategory: Contemporary
  • Publisher: Amereon Ltd (October 1, 1983)
  • Pages: 216
  • ISBN: 0891900489
  • ISBN13: 978-0891900481
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 885
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Book by Hill, Grace Livingston

7 Reviews
As I work my way through the Grace Livingston-Hill library, I'm finding the books I like and find satisfying are just about evenly balanced by the ones I don't. This is one of the ones I liked.

This particular book has been criticized for being simplistic and predictable, with characters who's choices and actions seem based on very little that is actually believable as opposed to what will advance the plot. I don't really agree. Many wartime diaries describe the stripping away of conventional behavior and thinking in time of war, when many of the restraints imposed on a peace time society suddenly are blown away like smoke, for better or worse. I didn't find the characters' actions hard to believe, in fact they matched up pretty well with a lot of descriptions of real wartime romances I've read of.

The writing style in this one is more mature than early Grace L-H books - not surprisingly, since by the time the World Wars came around, she had written quite a few. Christianity, and the search for God (this is The Search of the title) are front and center as the two agnostic characters go searching for what's really important in life, and as the superficial elements of a secure life are stripped away by the reality of war.

The characters, especially the man, have to struggle with real temptations that are understandable and justified before they can progress to the end of their search. I also found his resistance to embracing Christianity to be portrayed in an accurate and realistic way, as were the descriptions of tepid ministers, churches and Christians. It is a love story well merged with a Christian story. It's a light read, but definitely one of the ones from Grace L-H that I thought good and worthwhile, as opposed to some of her books that had little or no Christian focus or were a lot more improbable and based on coincidental plot devices.

I'm giving it 4 stars in relation to other Grace Hill books, rather than in relation to every book ever. It's not a masterpiece, but well worth a read, offering something to the soul as well as the imagination.
Again... Yet another great book written by a great lady. I look forward to meeting this dear Christian writer in heaven. I've read a number, maybe a dozen or more of her books and each one projects her as being a born again believer in my dear Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. I never need concern myself that the next book I choose to read written by Miss Hill will be a book that will be a witness to her Christian faith. There will never be a vulgar word or vulgar word picture. I have truly been blessed by her work. Because of the time frame between when she wrote her books and the day in which I now live, some of the adjectives she used are unfamiliar to me. I am thankful for the ability to simply touch the word on my Kindle Fire screen and there's the definition.
I must say that the first chapter should have been eliminated, because it almost kept me from reading on into this wonderful story. Once I pressed through those pages, I couldn't stop reading. It's a story of the strength of friendship growing into relationship between a man and a woman as each grew in their individual relationships with the Lord God Almighty. It's a story, as the title says, of searching for both. I loved it... once I got passed that pesky first chapter.
Grace Livingston Hill is one of my favorite authors, and this story sparkles with wit and is an example of “show, don’t tell,” in its skillful embodiment of deep truth about Christ. I like reading her so much that I named my blog after her, GraceLivingstonHillGirl.com, and there you can read the story of how I happened to meet someone alive today who has a personal connection with her.
I actually liked this book very much; I thought Ms. Hill did an excellent job describing what it was like for the young men and their families as they prepared to go to war, and their emotions in parting. I think the book could have moved along a little more quickly, and I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Ruth's war experience, but am giving this 5 stars because of how well Ms. Hill did her homework on this.
If you are feeling frustrated and need an escape, read this nook. It will pick up your spirits because it has enough truth about the "inner person of the heart" to be thought-provoking while managing to avoid overt sentimentality. The idealism of the two heroic figures can make its humble appeal to even the most cynical of readers. The author proves that it's possible to craft main characters that are vulnerable and real enough in our tell-it-all age without needing to be salacious. Highly recommended!
Very Old Chap
When I read this the first time I wasn't impressed because it is so different from her other books. I do like the way she deals with her WWI romances. this book is so totally told truly from the soldier point when she has Cameron in the lead. OH I don't like the Villan in this one. but to show true humanity in saving him was so good.
Although Grace Livingston Hill wrote this book and many others in a different time period, this book is so very much up to date in depicting life experiences and in portraying human nature, which is the same today as then. I'd read this book many years ago, but I enjoyed it even more this time. It includes intrigue, Christian values, romance and the ongoing truth versus falsehood.
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