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The Lost Continent: Travles in Small-town America by Bill Bryson

  • Author: Bill Bryson
  • Book title: The Lost Continent: Travles in Small-town America
  • Category: Reference
  • Subcategory: Writing Research & Publishing Guides
  • Publisher: Black Swan (1999)
  • Pages: 352
  • ISBN: 0385258623
  • ISBN13: 978-0385258623
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 638
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7 Reviews
Having read several of his later books I decided to read his first book to see if he had always been such a delightful writer. I was not disappointed in any way. If anything I have enjoyed this book as much or even more than the others I have read. First, having grown up near Des Moines, Iowa I was delighted in his description of that lovely metropolis and then having traveled over the years I have visited many of the places he talks about. This book is a good read and this fall we will be traveling to several of the places he describes that I have not yet visited. Enough said!
I had to go back and look at the copyright date because this could be America 2016. I assume the negative reviews are from people who don't like the way their town was portrayed. I don't think the author's judgement is harsh. It is accurate: America isn't perfect. This book portrays it, good and bad. And very funny in parts. The only shock is how prices have changed - and Bill thought prices were bad at the time! Five stars, yes.
I love Bill Bryson. I love small towns everywhere, especially in America. But I didn't love this book.

I think perhaps there should be a law preventing anyone from writing a travel book when they're in a bad mood. That would eliminate most of the books by Paul Theroux, and it would at least cause Bill Bryson to think twice about writing a book disparaging one of the things I like best about America. Oh, the book sparkles with humor, as does everything Bryson writes. But small-town America deserves better than this.
sarcastically witty in places and informative about some historical places of interest, but otherwise not outstanding. I would give it a four if Mr.
Bryson had been a little more respectful about the people he wrote about. Some of it is quite offensive.
I read this a few months ago, right after a 2 months trip driving across the USA....so I can relate to much of what he describes, and I agree with him of just about all of it! I laughed out loud at almost every page...Some people didn't like it, but that might be because he described them in this book in a not too favorable light...too bad! It's hysterically funny...unless you are the ultra-sensitive type!
Having lived in England a number of years, Bryson's views of small-town America are rather negative. I understand that, but he dismissed some towns that I've enjoyed. Chapter after chapter of negative observations gets old. My least favorite of his modtly excellent books.
The book author is pretty self-absorbed. The was almost no research on any of the areas he visited but had a self-centered view with a snobby tourist approach to the places he visited. It's a nice tour of the U.S., but there's nothing to learn from the observations.
didnt like it much. he was more sarcastic than even his norm. hard to tell what were real comments about the changes in the country and what were his ?humorous exagerations, which ruined the reason i got the book in the first place. would not order from this vendor again. took forever to get. we do have airplanes to ship on nowadays.
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