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The Pallbearers (Shane Scully Series) by Scott Brick,Stephen J. Cannell

  • Author: Scott Brick,Stephen J. Cannell
  • Book title: The Pallbearers (Shane Scully Series)
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
  • Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (March 16, 2010)
  • ISBN: 1423374355
  • ISBN13: 978-1423374350
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 810
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Abandoned by his parents as an infant and shunted from one foster family to another, Shane was ultimately raised in an orphanage called Huntington House. The only positive thing in his young life was the attention of the home’s director, Walter “Pop” Dix. Pop, an avid surfer, would take a small group of kids for early morning surfing. He was big-hearted, patient, and the father none of them had ever had. That was thirty years ago, and Scully long ago put that difficult chapter of his life behind him. He is now an accomplished detective, married to Alexa, the gorgeous lieutenant and acting commander of the LAPD detective division. But Shane is forced to revisit the memories of his childhood when he learns that Pop has been found dead, the victim of an apparently self-inflicted shotgun blast. He has left a note asking six specific people, all of whom attended Huntington House, to be his pallbearers, and Shane is one of the chosen. He and his fellow pallbearers are convinced Pop would never have killed himself. That leaves murder. But why would anyone kill Pop? And who? Together, the pallbearers embark on a dangerous mission in pursuit of justice, and for retribution against the men responsible for Pop’s death. It takes them up against an unexpected adversary whose power and influence far exceed anything they could have imagined—violent, dangerous men who are determined to keep a lid on the secret behind Pop’s death, no matter who gets in their way.

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First Sentence: In 1976 America was just coming out of a protracted depression called the Vietnam War, but back then I was still in the middle of mine.

Homicide Detective Shane Scully was abandoned as an infant and grew up in the system. The only person who ever tried to give him some sense of being cared for was Walter "Pop" Dix, executive director of Huntington House. When Shane is told Pop committed suicide and specifically asked that Shane be a pallbearer, it doesn't make sense. Shane hadn't seen Pop in years. When the other five pallbearers, all associated with Huntington House, convince Shane that Pop wouldn't have committed suicide, and unofficial murder investigation, with a very unofficial team, begins.

As much as I've enjoyed Cannell's television shows over the years, I'd never read one of his books. It seems I'd have been better staying with television.

On the positive side, Cannell does create an interesting cast of characters, providing background and dimension to each one, including the cat. He doesn't assume you've read previous books in the series, which I appreciated. He links the characters by a common thread but doesn't quite tie off all the ends, which I didn't mind. I did appreciate not having Scully being infallible or supermacho, although there was macho there, such as being able to have sex after virtually no sleep for an extended period of time and having been beaten to a pulp. However, for the most part, his female characters are strong and very capable, which I also appreciated. Cannell's writing can be characterized by short chapters that are very visual and action-packed.

On the downside, there are massive coincidences, an entire chapter of portents--those of you who've followed my reviews know how I despise portents--and some actions by the protagonist that were completely unbelievable. There points where the plot progression was so deliberately telegraphed it made it predictable.

I didn't hate the book but even among airport books there are levels; those you deliberately take with you and those you're stuck buying at the airport news shop of lack of choice. This is the latter but still an entertaining read to keep one occupied for a few hours.

THE PALLBARERS (Pol. Proc-Shane Scully-Los Angeles/Arizona-Cont) - Okay
Cannell, Stephen J.
St. Martin's Paperbacks, ©2010, US Paperback - ISBN: 9780312532451
The Pallbearers is the first time read of a Stephen Cannell novel for me. The author starts the story with a bang. The apparent suicide of Detective Shane Scully's childhood mentor turns to murder. The selected pallbears commence an investigation and along the way Mr. Cannell developes some interesting characters.

For nearly 80% of the novel it was a gripping tale. Unfortunately, the ending is a total disappointment. The story moves from Los Angeles to an Indian reservation in Arizona. A big fight ensues and the bad guy is arrested. The reader never does learn why each of the pallbears was selected by their mentor.

While the story was entertaining, I'll have to give a lot of thought as to whether I will read another Stephan Cannell novel. I certainly won't purchase a new hardcover edition.
I bought 40 books to complete my collection by S. Cannell, M. Connelly, J. Patterson, & J. Wambaugh. I haven't read all of them yet, but these guys have never disappointed, and I don't think that they ever will.That's why I read them.
Generally speaking, the Shane Scully series of books from Cannell is one of my favorite. The books tend to feature interesting stories with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, with a dose of humor and some side plots that add to the story without inducing confusion. Character development is always very good... even for those characters that the reader knows he will only see in this one book.

The Pallbearers, specifically, is a great example of Cannell's fast paced story telling. Plenty of action, with some further character development/back story of the main character in the series. A good read... I would definitely recommend it.
a more nuanced effort so more engaging from n already engaging author
The Pallbearers gives us a background on Shane Scully and it's a shame that series is over. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and all the others and would recommend this series to anyone to enjoys a good read. We will miss you, Mr.Cannell!
Cannell is an interesting writer that understands we want a little challenge without being bored to tears reading off-the-subject. His novels provide that challenge without leaving reality.
Excellent book. Stephen J. Cannell is an excellent writer & will be missed!!
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