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Say You Love Me (Malory Family Series) by Michael Page,Johanna Lindsey

  • Author: Michael Page,Johanna Lindsey
  • Book title: Say You Love Me (Malory Family Series)
  • Category: Literature & Fiction
  • Subcategory: United States
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (September 5, 2008)
  • ISBN: 1423365941
  • ISBN13: 978-1423365945
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 793
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Her parents' death has left Kelsey Langton penniless - and responsible for the well-being of her younger sister, Jean. Kelsey knows that the only way to avert their doom is to allow herself to be sold at auction. Resigned to becoming the plaything of a well-heeled gentleman, she gets more than she bargained for. Lord Derek Malory is the highest bidder - a dashing rakehell from a family of charming London rogues. Enthralled by the lovely young woman with shining eyes and dark hair, he purchases her to be his mistress, unaware of the true worth of his prize. He never imagined that this woman he so frivolously acquired would be blessed with all the attributes he was looking for in a wife - grace, wit, intelligence as well as beauty. He certainly never expected to fall in love.

7 Reviews
Johanna Lindsey is capable of greatness I have read stories from her and that have stayed with me for years but this one while nice just did not accomplish the depth and complication that some of her other more suspenseful and exciting romance novels do. I really truly love Duncan but I wish you would have taken his character so much farther he was capable of being a true hero and swooping in and saving the day I'm sad that the ransom part was not more elaborate it almost seemed pointless like an afterthought to the story. Duncan had a lot more to him and I feel so did Sabrina but the story could have used another hundred pages and intricacies to their characters to truly make it worth our while. However I'm excited for the tales to follow this one for I feel she has completely set us up for a great series
I truly loved this book, but then again I love all of Johanna Lindsey's books. So much so, that I own each one in one form or another, either paperback or hardback. Now, I'm slowly buying each one in e-book form and when I purchased this one, I just had to read it again, because I fell totally in love with the characters the first dozen or so times that I read it over the years. (Yes, my physical book is getting a teeny bit worn.)

Lachlan and Kimberly kept me laughing throughout the story, and the antics of the background characters only add to the charm of this book. If you're looking for a good read that will keep you turning the pages with a smile and laughter in your heart then you can't go wrong with Love Me Forever.
This one truly has everything you could want in ANY regency tale. Wife aims to wound, misses. Accidentally she falls, Tragedy. Wothless conniving uncle, perverted sadist, twisted sidekick. Pathos-angst oh and of course a love story, with the whole Malory family "helping" and this is a romance after all. If that's not enough to check this book out I don't know what will. Great great read!!!!
I want to start out by saying I read this book for the first time several years ago when it was new on the shelves. I was maybe 11 at the time I don't recall, but I do remember thinking the book was very Good and I enjoyed it. So when, years later, I stumbled across it in the kindle edition I thought it would make a great re-read. I couldn't have been more wrong; and I can only attribute my thinking this book was good to youth and I may have exaggerated it in my memory. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME reading this book. I cannot stress that enough. The heroine is Sabrina, however the story is more focused on Ophelia reid (the book series is even called the Reid family). This thoroughly annoyed me. Sabrina is portrayed as unattractive but curvaceous and witty. Her "wit" reads very annoyingly and nonsensical. Also, her character is very weak. She is basically a doormat for everyone in the book, including the hero. He uses her to cheer him up before miraculously falling in love with her, Raphael Locke uses her to relieve his boredom, Ophelia Reid uses her to secure an invitation to summersglade and as a gopher to deliver letters. Overall, her character was very irritating, boring and unbelievable. The hero was not much better and reminded me of an affable buffoon. He seemed not to think of anything, such as storming into Ophelias room or leaving when he realized she wasn't properly dressed. He was very immature and seemed unable to think independently. As for Ophelia; I felt she was a huge cliche. The too pretty mean girl. I got so tired of reading how stunning she was and how she was the most gorgeous woman in creation. Overall this book was very boring (took me about two weeks to read!) I thought the plot was ridiculous, and very slow. The main characters didn't meet each other until several chapters in. I felt no real chemistry between them. No depth to the plot at all, no character substance. The hero just wakes up one day and realizes he's passionately in love w. The heroine. I thought Sabinas family scandal incredibly stupid. I felt like this book was written by a very inexperienced author when I know Johanna Lindsey can deliver amazing work. However, this is not one of them. Save your money and time on this poorly written book.
It seems you really love Johanna Lindsey books or you hate them. There is not much in between. She has written so many books that other than her Mallory series, this is my favorite. Lachlan is a character that is fully grafted and has so many great qualities. Kimberly, the heroine, will melt your heart and cause you to root for her from page one. Many prefer the first in this series about Megan and Devlin but I don't. I think it is because Devlin is so incredibly arrogant that you want to pop him in the head. This is classic Lindsey, and many of her heroes are domineering and overbearing. Not so with Lachlan. He treats Kimberly with so much tenderness you want to have a Lachlan of your own! That is after you discount their first meeting. They both get off on the wrong foot with each other. The background characters are lively, the plot goes fast and you cannot turn the pages fast enough. I even have this book on audible so I can listen to it on my kindle. It is a treasure of a story and a keeper!
You'll be having plenty of smiles and laughter filled moments while reading this wonderfully enjoyable addition to this series. Even though it can be read as a standalone it's going to be more enjoyable if you read the first book for it gives background to give richness to this entry plus reminders that will be making the memories from that enchanting book to hint at the funny dialogues and situations to keep you turning the pages. Both main characters are wonderfully brought to life by the author and is why I love reading her books so much plus there's plenty of steamy moments as they realize their true feelings for each other.????????????????????
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