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Morocco Modern (World Design) by Herbert Ypma

  • Author: Herbert Ypma
  • Book title: Morocco Modern (World Design)
  • Category: Crafts, Hobbies & Home
  • Subcategory: Home Improvement & Design
  • Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd; 1st edition (October 21, 1996)
  • Pages: 160
  • ISBN: 0500070172
  • ISBN13: 978-0500070178
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 916
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A country of extremes, Morocco is at once ultra-modern yet deeply traditional. This is illustrated by the decorative arts in modern Morocco. Drawing inspiration from the fine artisan traditions of the past, the designers working in Morocco today have their own individual styles. This title combines a history of design and architecture in Morocco with an insight into the most contemporary trends.

4 Reviews
Rich Vulture
Don't let yourself be fooled by the title. This isn't really an interior design book at all. It's more of a Moroccan themed photography book, filled with artsy camera angles, photos of random people, and extreme closeup shots of architecture, while also focusing on the history and various exports of Morocco. As a Moroccan sourcebook, it's not half bad. It's very informative and written in a very informal style that's easily digested by the average reader. I really enjoyed reading the historical information and looking at the gorgeous pictures, hence the 4 stars.

However, if you are thinking of picking this up as a resource for Moroccan style interior decorating, I wouldn't recommend this as one of your top picks. There are many other interior decorating books out there which are so much better for that purpose... "Moroccan Style" by Alexandra Bonfante-Warren, "Moroccan Interiors" by Lisa Lovatt-Smith, and "Exotic Style" by Sara Bliss, to name just a few. I picked this up to add to my Moroccan decorating collection, and was pretty disappointed with it as a design book. It hardly focuses on design at all.

There aren't any interior pictures at all of average Moroccan homes. The few interior pictures featured are limited to public buildings such as mosques, historical sites, hotels, and government buildings. Most of the photographs in this book are exterior shots combined with closeup pictures of tilework, grillework, calligraphy, pottery, and textiles. To get a better idea of what I mean, take a look at the back cover of the book. The 6 pictures featured on the back cover of the book give a pretty fair overview of most of the photographic content of this book. The pictures are very lovely, but most of them aren't going to be too terrible helpful as design inspiration.
I also have this book and agree with the reviews that it is a colorful and beautiful book. However I also agree with the reviewer that said "not a design book". (There weren't any reviews yet when I bought it.) As an interior designer looking to design a space in Moroccan / Spanish style for a client, it was not very helpful. It's the interiors I want to see. I'll order the Moroccan Interiors by Lisa Lovatt-Smith, it has great reviews.
I bought this book for its colorful, lush photography, high production values, and because I just really wanted it when I saw it. As a book collector, I had to have it. As an artist, I can't walk by it on the shelf without picking it up and looking inside - it's very inspiring. Makes me want to go to Morocco !
felt boot
good product
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