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Fabulous Lo-Carb Cuisine by Ruth Glick

  • Author: Ruth Glick
  • Book title: Fabulous Lo-Carb Cuisine
  • Category: Cookbooks, Food & Wine
  • Subcategory: Special Diet
  • Publisher: Light Street Pr (December 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 0970629303
  • ISBN13: 978-0970629302
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 382
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Included in these pages are more than 100 great-tasting, easy-to-prepare low-carbohydrate recipes that will add variety to your meals: everything from delicious soups to nut-topped tarts. There are Appetizers like White Pizza, Buffalo Wings, and Hot Artichoke and Spinach Dip. Gourmet Salads and Vegetables like Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Salad; Portobello Slices; and Roasted Asparagus. Sensational Sauces and Dressings like Orange-Rosemary Butter, Russian Dressing, and Sweet and Sour Mustard Sauce. Main Dishes like Philly Cheese Steak, Kung Pao Chicken, and Beef Paprikash. And Dazzling Desserts like Key Lime Pie, Strawberry Mousse, Fruit Pizza with Marzipan Crust, and Coffee Ice Cream--all of which use the great new artificial sweetener SPLENDA. Every recipe includes nutritional data, so you'll know exactly what you're eating.

7 Reviews
I have been looking at several cookbooks before settling on this one [on the advice of friends]. The recipes are simple, easy to prepare and most importantly....very tasty! I've only tried one dessert I didn't quite care for [the pecan cake], but everything else has been absolutely delicious. Even my non-lc eating friends loved the roasted asparagus and the baked cauliflower and cheese. If you're looking for easy-to-use recipes that are flavorful and will add variety to your lc diet....this book is great.
This is a cookbook of "normal" recipes, not "guests are coming what can I make to impress them" recipes. As the author says in the prologue (and you MUST read the introductory passages, they contain vital information on how serving sizes and carb counts are computed), these are the recipes that she and her family use day in and day out. They are all fast, simple, and straightforward. Time saving tips are also included. And (with the exception of the sloppy joes) I've found them to be good-to-excellent ("I'd make this again" to "Can I make this again tomorrow?"). For the kitchen clueless, there are also some helpful "goes well with xxx on page xx" notes to make assembling a complete meal a breeze. I'd prefer if there was a general index in the back for main ingredients ... the "xxx was on sale at the store, now what can I make with it" syndrome ... but the book is thin enough that scrolling through the table of contents or paging through the sections is a doable search.
But for a gourmet like myself, this book was a waste of money. For any gourmet LCers out there, I would recommend Deborah Chud's "The Gourmet Prescription".

I happen to object to the use of ingredients like flour or phyllo leaves. I am aware that in very small quantities, these items are "low carb", but I am also aware that refined grains are a very big problem for a lot of people who follow an LC way of life, causing insulin surges and/or cravings out of proportion to the actual quantity consumed. I am also aware that there are LC alternatives that could be used, and the exploration of those alternatives would have made this book less of a waste of money.

Additionally, the extensive use of cheese makes it difficult for anyone who is sensitive to dairy to make these dishes without major alterations. I know that most low carbers rely a lot on dairy products, but they don't need to be in every dish of every meal.

I have kept the book in the event I have a friend who may benefit from it. However, I do not use it myself... it sits and gathers dust.
From reading many of the other reviews, I thought this book was going to be really great. I ignored the reviews that mentioned the 2 tsp dip serving sizes thinking I could convert them to more realistic portions. This is one of my complaints; however, you can convert many of the appetizer recipes and they still have reasonable carb counts. My biggest complaint is that the book is small without much variety. There is one recipe per page and a few recipes take two pages unnecessarily. Chapter 4 is called, "The Meat of the Matter (as well as chicken, eggs and fish)". There are 30 recipes in this chapter. Seven of these are for omelets or quiche and 3 for stuffed peppers (I am not a fan of eggs or bell peppers so there are only 20 recipes to consider in the MEAT section of the cookbook for me). I feel like a lot of effort was made to stretch the length of this book by offering variations of the same recipe as different recipes (for example, Marzipan and Orange Almond Candy are the same recipe with the only difference being the type of extract plus lemon juice in one and water in the other). I think offering a recipe and then some variations is a better use of space and would provide space for more recipes. There are some unique and easy recipes, I just don't think this book was worth [$$$]
This book is a delight! I occassionally purchase low carb recipe books, and never know quite what to expect from a new one. I enjoy Barbara Doyen's "Back to Protein" book, for exampe, but I find it heavy on the meat. I adore my insightful Fran McCollough books, but sometimes find her recipes too tricky for everyday. If you, too, are tired of either the gourmet or the all-meat-all-the-time approach to low carbing, and appreciate interesting flavors and refreshing, but simple combinations, then this book is for you. From the simple but delicious recipes for multiple variations on stuffed peppers, to the barbequed beef brisket or strawberry mousse, I highly recommend this book! My husband and I can hardly tell we're "low carbing" anymore. The recipes here offer just plain old, good food. Of course, it *IS* all low carb, and helpful carb and nutrition counts are provided with each easy-to-follow recipe. We've enjoyed every recipe we've tried, so far, and look forward to trying all the others.
After reading all the reviews I picked this book hoping to get some ideas for low carb. meals/side dishes for my Mom. I was extremely disappointed.
Many of the recipes are very simple and obvious to anyone who does basic cooking. For example, cheese tortillas= cheese + buy (brand name) low carb tortillas. There is only one recipe per page and in at least 2 cases the recipe was repeated + one other ingredient and took up another page as a seperate recipe. Every other recipe book I have just tacks that kind of thing on at the end as extra serving ideas.
Many of the recipes also use Splenda (which was my reason for NOT buying one of the other books I read the reviews of).
There are some interesting dip and dessert recipes but little in the way of actual meals or side dishes for those on low-carb diets and looking for alternatives.
Basically this book is terribly overpriced for what it gives you. It's a $5/$7 value at best and if I'd looked at it in a book store I'd have only bought it from the $2 bargain bin. I ended up using 2 or 3 recipes and then giving mine away to my fast-food, non-cooking friend.
Overpriced, beginner book.
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