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NASB Slimline Reference Bible

  • Book title: NASB Slimline Reference Bible
  • Category: Christian Books & Bibles
  • Subcategory: Bible Study & Reference
  • Publisher: World Publishing; Updated ed. edition (September 1, 1998)
  • ISBN: 0529109611
  • ISBN13: 978-0529109613
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 974
  • Other formats: lrf lit mbr docx

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The complete NASB Updated Edition with selected reference helps in a travel-along, easy to carry size.

7 Reviews
I left a NASB Slimline NT with Psalms on a bus in France this spring and wanted to replace it only to find that the same Bible was no longer available. This print is much smaller in this Bible (since it is both OT and NT) but I am pleased with the quality. I'm satisifed with it but I do miss my other Bible.
This is an excellent Bible to always have handy. It is a great size to have in your bag and easy to read. Be sure to get the version with the thumb index as it is easy for finding the places in the Word that you want to get to quickly. The center column is a bit hard to read but the overall text is a good size.
I'm on my fourth copy in four years, because even though it is a great size and has the full references and margins, it is a little hard to keep from tearing away from its leather bindings with regular use. So treat the book gingerly! (I'm reviewing the "Genuine Leather" ISBN, 0529109638.
I wanted a slim bible that was with the Nasb translation. This sure met that expectation however the font is way too small at least to be comfortable with. I kind of like it and yet I kind of don't ....
This review is about my opinion on the edition and helps, not the quality of the NASB itself.
I was looking for an edition of the NASB which was small, had both the OT and NT, and had references to OT quotations (the last two features are missing from my pocket-sized NT-only NASB (ISBN: 0-529-10772-4)). This edition has all of those features, plus: a center-column cross-reference list indexed by chapter and verse; a relatively concise concordance (pp. 951-1013); and 5 color maps (which look a little too much like neon lights -- the color choices are a bit "electric").
The font is _very_ small and there isn't much room in the margin for notes, but the combination of OT/NT and the cross-references/quotation references forced the sacrifice of these features.
I do wish that there were some extra blank pages at the end of the book for personal notes (there is only one side of a blank page between the concordance and the maps).
Overall, a good edition. It's a little larger than the NT edition (ISBN listed above): about 1/2 an inch taller and wider, but not much thicker (1/4"?). Considering that the OT is included, it's pretty amazing. I'd recommend this as a pocket edition, but don't expect much room for notes and don't get it if you have trouble reading small text.
I love this Bible. It's a great size and is handy for travel to and from work or on trips. My only beef with it is that there are no section headings. Sometimes it's hard for my adhd mind to remember what the current passage is relating to, especially in the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel where I'm not sure who judgment is raining down on.
But if you don't need section headings then this is a great Bible for you.
My last bible was a Broadman and Holman NAS(1977). It was the bible my sister gave me in high school, and that I have used for the past 2 years since I accepted Christ into my life. When the binding broke a few weeks ago, I had to find one just like it.

After searching, this was it: Blue bonded leather, updated NASB(1995), compact size, indexed(tabs) [even has one for the concordance], red letter, and has crossreferences. It arrived today, and I love it. This is a smaller bible, and the others are correct about the small print, but I love it.

The only thing it does not have is a bookmarking ribbon, but this bible is very much worth the cost.

Wow, I just put it with my journal and it is the EXACT same size.
Journal: (...)
J. Alexander
I bought this Bible as a gift for my wife. I was looking specifically for a slim-line Bible in the NASB Version. I found that in this Bible. It also has the thumb index marking the beginning of each of the books. However, in the description, it never mentioned a cover for the pages. This is great for keeping the pages protected and keeping the Bible closed in a bookbag, purse, etc. However, the cover flap uses a snap which, when you are trying to snap it shut, indents the first few pages with the snap outline. That sort of wrinkles that spot on the pages, which is disappointing. If it had a magnetic or simple slip piece, it would have worked much better. Other than that, it is a great Bible. Please note, the text is small, but not difficult to read.
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