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Ish by Peter Reynolds

  • Author: Peter Reynolds
  • Book title: Ish
  • Category: Children's Books
  • Publisher: Walker Books Ltd (October 1, 2004)
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 1844281590
  • ISBN13: 978-1844281596
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 946
  • Other formats: mobi azw mbr lrf

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Ramon loves to draw, especially when he learns that a drawing doesn't have to look exactly like anything. It can simply look anything-ish.

7 Reviews
Peter Reynolds takes readers on a journey of discovery as it relates to art in the book. But the story is much deeper than art. I love that Peter Reynolds subtly tells the readers that just because someone doesn't like something we created doesn't mean others won't find it amazing.

This is a picture book for kids, but it speaks to anyone in the business of creating.
This book is perfect for building that growth mindset in your kids. I read it to my kindergarten class last January, and they're still calling their drawings or mistakes or brain farts "ish". They loved the book, we all loved the message, and they ask me to read it over and over again. It's good for older kids, too! The world is made of ish things, and sometimes when we don't produce exactly what we want, we just gotta shrug and say it's ish.

A great companion to this book is The Book of Mistakes.
Whimsically and artistically done. A boy paints and his little sister sees the beauty in his work. A touching story for young and old. The book is short but, what a powerful lesson for us all. Look for the beauty in all you see. This book is an Accelerated Reader making it all the more popular at our school. It is part of the Growth Mindset materials.
This book was so good for my son. He is autistic and after reading this story one day. He was trying to tell me about someone he met, and he
typed, "He is only autisticISH." Thank you Mr. Reynolds
Fantastic book! I love that it features diversity, and teaches the message that creativity and uniqueness is more important than perfection! Author does a beautiful job of capturing emotion and the experience of childhood in easy accessible lines. My 2 yo loves it, and it will be appropriate for him for years to come!
Ramon loves to draw anything, any time and any place. Then one day Ramon heard something about his drawing that made him more skeptical of his work. Does Ramon find a way to handle this criticism or does he quit all together? I loved the "ish" words. Fun for young readers to sound out and make up their own "ish" vocabulary. Ish is a great tool to use to open dialogue about opinions of others and how to deal with them. Illustrations are lighthearted and fun. Product arrived in record time and in excellent condition.
In a nutshell: Ish is a short story of a boy named Ramon who loves to draw. He draws anything, anytime, anywhere (including while he’s sitting on the commode.) One day his older brother Leon laughs at his drawing, destroys his confidence, and Ramon throws in the proverbial artist’s towel. But then he finds that his little sister Marisol has been collecting his rejected works of art and describes them each as “vase-ish,” “sun-ish,” “fish-ish,” etc. Ramon regains his confidence, revels in his new ish freedom and lives happily ever afterish.

I love this book because it helps to combat the popular “I can’t draw” myth that grabs hold of most people and strangles their creativity long before it should. It's a cute story but not one that gets a lot of requests from the bunk bed crowd.

Families can talk about: Can anyone be artistic? What should you say or do if someone laughs at your work? What does “ish” mean? Is Ramon a girl or just a boy with big hair?
This is a wonderful story about making artwork that is beautiful and expressive and helps children understand that drawing doesn't have to be perfect. It has been very beneficial to my right brained learner and has allowed her to express her creativity in her own way.
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