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Eric Clapton - Crossroads Vol. 1* by Eric Clapton

  • Author: Eric Clapton
  • Book title: Eric Clapton - Crossroads Vol. 1*
  • Category: Arts & Photography
  • Subcategory: Music
  • Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation (January 1, 1989)
  • Pages: 674
  • ISBN: 0793514150
  • ISBN13: 978-0793514151
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 541
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30 songs from the first volume of this collector's edition album. Songs include: Can't Find My Way Home * Strange Brew * Sunshine Of Your Love * White Room * and many more.

3 Reviews
Great music book, excellent guitar chords and easy to play. You can't go wrong with Eric Clapton's music. Highly recommended.
I've seen too many guitar tab books over the years to remember and I've learned that only a handful are truly excellent in terms of accuracy, ease of reading and overall use and these tend to be the ones that remain in my music library over time. For this reason, I'm usually tolerant of minor errors that are easily glossed over and that can be figured out myself as I play along with the cd with relative ease. This particular tab book on the early works of Eric Clapton as presented in the first 2 cds of the 4 disc Crossroads box set is a mixed bag. The transcriptions are mostly accurate although I have some different views with regards the choice of finger positions for certain tracks; these issues can come down to an individual preference issue and so I'm okay with it for the most part. For example, the guitar solo as transcribed for "A Certain Girl" isn't the optimal one as I feel the one I play sounds a lot more like the cd and is also a lot easier to play than the one in the book.

There is also a probably now dated essay on Clapton's life by Anthony DeCurtis a Senior Writer for Rolling Stone Magazine as well as another essay by the transcriber, Fred Sokolow, himself on Clapton's guitar stylings which is a nice-to-have and which is rare for most guitar tab books. The book binding though isn't optimal as the pages close in on themselves easily and it's hard to read the notes that are close to the spine because of this. The biggest downer for me though is that the font size is very small making it very difficult to read and play along with the cd at the same time. This is a real shame as the transciber probably put in a lot of work on this project only for the publisher to significantly reduce the usefulness and hence quality of the work with thoughtless publishing. Obviously the publisher is no musician and so doesn't understand how to publish music books that help instead of hinder the musician. Let's just say that I'm surprised that the publisher is actually Hal Leonard. Get your magnifying glasses ready and prepare to do a lot of hard pressing and smoothing down of the pages to keep them in place risking the pages coming off the spine while you play if you want to dig into this otherwise decent attempt at transcibing the work of this great guitarist.
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