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Apache, the Sacred Path to Womanhood by John Annerino

  • Author: John Annerino
  • Book title: Apache, the Sacred Path to Womanhood
  • Category: Arts & Photography
  • Subcategory: Photography & Video
  • Publisher: Da Capo Press (January 3, 1999)
  • Pages: 128
  • ISBN: 156924667X
  • ISBN13: 978-1569246672
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 723
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Strikingly illustrated with 70 color photographsAt a time when most modern young women are seeking fulfillment and enrichment along bold new roads, teenage girls of the Apache people (or Ndé) continue to follow a traditional path to womanhood -- through a sacred rite of passage handed down over generations. Called na ih es, ("getting her ready"), this ceremony predates the near annihilation of the tribe in the 1870s and 1880s, when the U.S. was at war against the Apache.     As illustrated and chronicled in this beautiful volume, the young women embark upon an extraordinary four-day, four-night personal journey in which they undergo a spiritual transformation to become White Shell Woman, the mother of the Apache people. John Annerino's spectacular photographs show the dedication of the girls and their initiators (both women and men), dances by firelight, elaborate costumes and disguises, and the various stages that must be experienced. He describes the journey, rarely witnessed by non-Indians, and its significance in the accompanying essay.John Annerino is a world-renowned photojournalist. For the past two decades, he has documented the West's natural beauty, indigenous peoples, and political changes. He lives in Tucson, AZ. John Annerino's photographs recently appeared in the March issue of the Life magazine cover article "Kids and God."

7 Reviews
For the longest time I could remember, since I was a little girl my grandfather, Robertson Preston, who is the medicine man in the book, has been doing Sunrise Dances here on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. It makes me proud and honored to own this book which is a piece of my culture. I will treasure this book for years to come and pass this beautiful book on to my children.
it was very informative and beautifully photographed.
When we hear the word Apache we often think of "savage" because that's how these Native Americans were callously portrayed by Hollywood in movies of the Wild West. So I was especially attracted the book entitled, APACHE: The Sacred Path to Womanhood by John Annerino. It's a beautiful book. When you turn each page, you can see and feel the magic in Annerino's beautiful color photographs - how Annerino manages to capture the magic of the ceremony of a young Apache girl who becomes "the mother of the Apache." You can also read about the Apache's life and history in Annerino's book, including the legendary Geronimo, and Annerino's own poignant experience among the Apache today. Annerino does not hide behind the mask of the New Age and writes openly, "I'm not Native American. I do not claim to have quarter-Cherokee blood ancestors." Yet, there is a profound spirituality in Annerino's writing I found extraordinary. Annerino also explains how difficult it is for Native Americans to maintain their traditions: "Few Native Americans were as fortunate as the Apache to survive the holocaust [of Native America] with their spiritual traditions intact...passed on from one generation to the next." Take a journey, and experience the magic of the Apache's coming of age ceremony, in this wonderful new book.
Good Book. Very informative. Really enjoyed and learned.
APACHE: The Sacred Path to Womanhood is magnificent. It, the photography and writing, deserves an award.
What a beautiful book. It's really stunning. I'm envious. I hope the publisher does as well with it as I think they should.
Apache is graphic & well-told as a photo story, which is rare indeed.
What a wonderful book. APACHE is beautiful.
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