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The Birds of Texas by John L. Tveten

  • Author: John L. Tveten
  • Book title: The Birds of Texas
  • Category: Arts & Photography
  • Subcategory: Photography & Video
  • Publisher: Shearer Pub (January 1, 1993)
  • Pages: 384
  • ISBN: 0940672626
  • ISBN13: 978-0940672628
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 150
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The book offers bird watchers something no field guide ever has: outstanding color photography and authoritative information on Texas birds put together in a beautifully crafted book.

7 Reviews
Hawk Flying
I'm an amateur. I just like to watch the birds in the backyard and be able to share what they are with my family. I put seed out and wait to see what happens.

I already have a field book that I got here to use to identify the different types of birds, and it has not failed me. This book is different.

My first surprise was how thick the book was and how many great pictures there were. The box was so heavy when it arrived that I thought maybe it contained the wrong book. It didn't, there is that much information and pictures inside of it. I really enjoyed reading the text for the birds, it contained a lot of interesting information.

The reason 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the way the book is organized. It is arranged by type of bird - such as "birds of prey". While an Owl is certainly a bird of prey, I would rather find it under "O" or by the region they are found in. I'm sure this is personal preference on my part and not sure how others would feel about this, but when I look a bird up and it is a sparrow for instance, you have to know where they put it. (I can't remember where sparrow is located in the book right now, that might be a good example)

It is a good book and I'm glad I bought it.
As an amateur bird watcher living on the Colorado River, this book has been excellent to have! I keep it handy for easy reference any time a bird comes to our feeder, or we see one on the river. Highly recommend!
Some interesting information. Rather long winded and not exactly entertaining. Also, while it does not purport to being a field guide, the title may lead potential readers to think so. It is NOT a field guide. Very little useful information for identification.
Nice book, a pretty piece of work, but it contains birds not found in N. TX and a lot of what's in my backyard isn't in this book. I wanted to be able to stand at the window and look out at the bird feeder and know what I'm looking at.
Simple fellow
My favorite Texas Bird book. Bought this as a door prize.
item as expected
Condition is good, gave another one to a friend so had to replace with something. After the reviews, chose this book. Am very happy. Shows pictures and good descriptions of the native birds.
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